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Trace Relations Band
Indie Rock and Blues - Texas Groove

The debut studio release from Texas based Trace Relations Band is out now. "Prosperity Street" is 12 tracks of groove, guaranteed to improve your mood. The CD features some of the finest working musicians in Texas today.

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Looking at the songs chosen for the album, a theme emerges: Acceptance. In one way or another each song relates to accepting where we are in life, and a determination to have a good time in spite of obstacles the world has thrown our way.

Trace Relations is just that, all of vocalist Tracy Ready's musical relations. "Prosperity Street" is a unique listening experience encompassing Rock, Blues, Jazz and Americana styles. It's a tribute to artists and songs that influenced him and a showcase for many great musicians he's had the privilege of knowing over the years. The track list features seven original songs and five very distinctive cover tunes. The songs and the original cover art and photography also reflect Trace's transient lifestyle, having spent the past 22 years going back and forth from Dallas to San Antonio, personally and musically. The songs draw on influences from these two iconic cities and the miles of road in between.

The Family

"With Trace Relations, Ready does it up right, with soul and sincerity." - Jim Beal, San Antonio Express-News and KSYM Third Coast Radio Network

Photo by Stephan R. Lewis:
L-R: Kevin Lewis, Dana Clark, John Echols,
Tracy Ready, Mike Beall, Sal Salvador, Sparky Montoya

The Videos

Prosperity Street
>>Watch video
Groover's Paradise
>>Watch video
South Texas Soul (Documentary Preview)
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Meet the Relatives

Trace Relations IS:
Tracy Ready - Vocals | Kevin Lewis - Guitars and Fretless Bass | Sparky Montoya - Keys
John Echols - Bass | Mike Beall - Drums

Special guests appearing on the CD include Augie Meyers, Clay Meyers, Shawn Sahm, Hash Brown Calway, Dana Clark, Les McGeehee, Mark Boardman, Olivia Ready, Jason Meyers, Bruce Clendenin and San Antonio’s famed West Side Horns - Al Gomez and Louis Bustos


Plus, on one special track, "I Live the Life I Love", The Long Distance Chorus: Carolyn Meyers, Wade Jacoby, Katherine Dawn and Sharda Brody


Produced by: Sal Salvador and Tracy Ready


Principal recording: January Sound, Dallas, Texas.
Additional Recording: Blue Cat Studios, San Antonio, Harbor House Studios, North Richland Hills and at Shawn’s Groover’s Paradise, Beorne, Texas